About me

My romance with metals started at a very young age, when my dad gave me an electronic tin soldering tool and let me play with it, immediately I fell in love with the idea of melting metals and reshape them. 

Over the years I've tried my hand with many artistic disciplines including painting, sculpturing, photography, silversmithing, beadworks, and even computer animation. However, through it, all my greatest passion has always been in creating metalworks and material combinations, and time after time again my heart has led me towards it.


My whole life I was working and creating in Israel.

I have met designers and artists from other countries and it is always fascinating to me how much the environment we live in effecting our works.

As a kid, I grew up in a small village on the north side of Israel. My home town was surrounded by forest and as a curious kid, I used to spend a lot of time in nature. I was fascinated by all the small details nature is hiding, the textures, the shapes, the chaos, and order of thing.

many years passed since then, and I lived in big cities for most of them.

This mixture of urban nature affecting me a lot in the last years and I try to communicate it in many of my works.

My hope is that my works will be able to cross cultures, combine them, and mix them together to something new that can touch the observer's hearts.

      -- Tal Amitai